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Dog owners know that keeping their furry friends happy and healthy is a top priority. One way to do this is by providing them with a designated space to play, exercise, and have potty breaks.

If the weather isn’t ideal and neither of you wants to venture out in the rain, or if you and your dog are sick of running up and down the stairs, some dog potty pads on the balcony may be the perfect solution! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of having potty grass for your dog on your balcony.

Why Would You Have A Dog Potty On The Balcony?

If you’re a dog owner, then chances are you’ve considered using artificial grass at some point. After all, what could be more convenient than having a potty area right there on your balcony?

Time Of Life

If it’s time to potty train your new puppy, having access to the puppy pee pad on the balcony will cut down on accidents in your apartment or if you’re on your way out, in the lift, or on the stairwell. Make your puppy’s potty training less stressful.
At the other end of the spectrum, if your dog is in his or her senior years, it might be too painful or tiring to go all the way downstairs.

Grass Pads For Dogs To Pee On The BalconyApartment Living

If you live in a high-rise building or somewhere else where dogs aren’t allowed to relieve themselves outdoors, then an artificial grass mat on your balcony can be a real lifesaver.

Even if you can let your dog poop close by outside and use your pooper-scooper, leaving your apartment may not always be appealing. If it’s 3 am or if the weather is bad or you don’t feel like another trip downstairs, you might take a chance that your dog can wait…. and then regret it later.

Your Busy Life

You might work long hours, you might have a busy social life or you might have a lot of commitments. Won’t you feel less tense if you know that your dog has somewhere to go potty instead of on your carpet if you’re late home?

One Of You Is Not Feeling Fit

Either you or your beloved dog may not be feeling well. And it may be that one of the effects of this doggie illness is not being able to hold on until you take him or her out.

Also, one of you may be recuperating from an injury. Rather than put your recovering dog into a boarding kennel, the balcony dog potty means that you can bring your injured dog home. And if you have had an injury that makes it hard for you to get around, you can ask family or friends to take your doggie out to go potty, but what happens if there is no warning and your dog needs to go now?

Grass Pads For Dogs To Pee On The BalconyWhat Is Potty Grass For Dogs?

A grass dog potty for dogs is a type of square or rectangular turf that is specifically designed to be used as a potty area for animals. There are types that can be used indoors or outdoors, and it is a great way to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Also, by providing your dog with their own designated spot to potty, you can avoid any unwanted accidents or messes.
There are two types of dog potty patch available: synthetic grass pads or real grass pads. They each have their benefits and disadvantages.

Fake Grass Vs Real Grass For Dogs

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of real or synthetic pads for dogs. Some people believe that fake grass is better for dogs because it is easier to clean and less likely to cause allergies. The best synthetic grass is soft and non-toxic, making it a great alternative to traditional lawn pads.

However, other dog owners argue that real grass is better for dogs because it’s more natural and smells familiar to your pooch.

Ultimately, the best type of grass pad is the one that your dog is happy to use.

Benefits Of Fake Grass For Dogs On The Balcony

  • A synthetic grass mat is easy to clean and doesn’t stain like real grass can
  • Artificial turf doesn’t die like real grass and is not affected by the protein in dog urine like real grass
  • Synthetic turf requires is very low maintenance compared to real grass
  • Some artificial grass potties come with a tray to catch the urine, making cleanup easier
  • Cheaper than the real grass alternative
  • Replacement pads are an ongoing expense

How Does A Fake Grass Potty Work With Dogs?

The urine passes through the artificial grass and settles, which keeps your dog’s paws dry. Some fake grass pads come with a tray on the bottom and some come with a middle layer to separate the tray from the fluid.

The fake grass potty needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and will eventually need to be replaced.

Benefits Of A Real Grass Pad For Dogs On The Balcony

  • A real grass patch is disposable
  • They are usually held in cardboard holders, which can be recycled
  • A lot of dogs are naturally more accepting of real grass; it feels familiar
  • Because most real grass pads are grown hydroponically, there is no mud to dirty your dog’s paws

How Does A Real Grass Potty Work With Dogs?

Real grass potty systems work similarly to artificial grass ones. The key difference is that real grass systems use soil and natural grass, while synthetic systems use an artificial turf. Both work well in keeping dogs healthy and happy.

Real grass will absorb more liquid, but dog urine kills real grass. Also, real grass pads need to be replaced more often than fake grass pads.

What To Consider Before Researching Grass Pads

Check The Regulations

When considering adding a dog grass mat to the balcony, be sure to check with your landlord to ensure that there are no restrictions on bringing in this type of pet accessory.

Also, check with your apartment complex’s management to see if there are any rules or regulations in place that would prohibit having an artificial grass surface on the balcony. And if your neighbor’s balcony is very close, it might be worth getting their opinion also.

If you’re thinking of installing a doggie door to the balcony, check the regulations about this too.

Assess Your Balcony

Check out your outdoor space. Is your balcony big enough to take a dog potty? Is there a logical location for your dog’s potty? It needs to be an area that won’t cause an obstruction to the resident humans. If possible, when you choose a place for the grass pad, stick to it; don’t confuse your dog by moving it around.

Choose a spot that is protected from rain and hot sun so your dog will be more inclined to make use of it. It might be better if the potty was placed in a side corner to give him or her some privacy, plus your dog won’t be putting on a show for you and your guests each time the potty is used.

Access To The Balcony

Consider if you need to install a doggie door. Or would you rather be with your dog each potty time? Even if you need to get up to let your dog out the door each time, that is still better than going all the way to the park at the end of the street.

Type Of Doggie Grass Pad

Every dog will have different preferences and tolerances for something new. But in general, if you have a puppy, you can get them used to your preferred type of grass pad. If you have a worldly and experienced dog, he or she may decide for you which type of pad is preferred.

The thickness to look for is about 1 inch. This is still shallow enough for you to pick their waste, but thick enough for it to be comfortable for your dog.

How To Choose A Grass Dog Potty

Here are some tips for choosing the best grass potty for you and your dog:


The components of any product like this should be non-toxic, especially if your dog has a habit of chewing.


The size is extremely important. It needs to fit your balcony space and it needs to be big enough to be comfortable for your dog.


Easy cleaning is best. We love the grass mats that are set on a drainage grid above a collection tray.

Leakproof Draining

Of course, you want the liquid to stay within the grass potty unit, not on your balcony floor.


The mat needs to be heavy enough that it won’t fly away in the wind, but not too heavy for you to handle.

Pile Height

The pile needs to be dense enough to be comfortable for your pooch, but not so tall that it’s hard for you to clear the solid offerings.

Best Real Grass Pads For Dogs

Both of these real grass patches for dogs offer a selection of sizes for large dogs or small dog breeds. For bigger dogs, it may be necessary to put two mats together.

DoggieLawn Natural Grass Puppy Pee Pads

Doggielawn natural grass pee padsIf you have a balcony, you can still keep your furry friend happy and healthy with green grass. DoggieLawn Puppy Pee Pads are made of real grass, so your dog can pee and play on them just like they would outside.

DoggieLawn grass pads are an excellent way to provide them with the familiar feel of grass, while also being easy to maintain and keeping messes at bay. These pads are also designed to absorb urine so there’s no need for accidents or extra cleanup. They’re easy to clean as well, simply hose them down when needed.

Unlike the standard sod, the grass has a long-lasting carpet of roots and fertile soil. The foundation beneath the grass is efficient at absorbing liquids (like urine), and there’s no leaking or odor with normal use! Although you’ll find some sand or dirt like in most grass, it won’t be as messy, sticky, or thick as clay.

This grass can survive indefinitely under normal circumstances with water, light, and no dogs around. Even if the grass is a little affected by transportation in the summer heat, it will recover if given enough care.

The number of times your dog uses the grass influences how long it lasts. It is anticipated that the grass will last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks under normal conditions with one dog.

DoggieLawn Natural Grass Puppy Pee Pads

The Doggielawn is essentially an inch above the ground, so it can withstand a fair amount of watering. It is recommended that you only water the Doggielawn as needed because most dogs dislike walking on damp grass. A little watering may extend the life of your lawn if your dog does not mind or you live in a hotter climate.

Being genuinely natural also means that there may be some tiny freeloader critters included, just as you might find in the dog park. If you find a bug, consider using an organic solution to spray your grass (drop a few drops of dish-washing soap, neem oil or peppermint with water). If your dog typically chews on everything in sight, this may not be a good choice for your pooch.

DoggieLawn Natural Grass Puppy Pee Pads
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Fresh Patch Real Grass Pee And Potty Pad for Dogs

If you have a dog and are looking for an easy way to keep them happy and healthy, consider using a grass sod pad on your balcony. These hydroponically grown pads are dirt-free and fully disposable, making them easy to clean. Plus, they’re made in the USA from real grass, so they are completely safe to use at home.

Freshpatch makes training easy with 100% natural grass that’s safe to use anywhere. It rapidly absorbs liquids and naturally eliminates smells, and there is no need for cleaning or maintenance because the entire system is completely disposable.

You need to unpack the grass immediately and lay it flat using your own tray or mat. Avoid placing the grass in direct sunlight where possible and protect it from the rain. The cardboard box will disintegrate with a lot of water, plus if the grass is wet through, there is less room for your dog’s urine to be absorbed.

The complex root structure will absorb the urine. Remove and dispose of solid waste as soon as possible, just like when walking your dog. Never pour water on the grass. If the grass is extremely dry, lightly mist it and wait for it to recover. If the grass appears still dry, repeat the procedure.

Fresh Patch Real Grass Pee And Potty Pad for Dogs

Fresh Patch Real Grass Pee And Potty Pad for Dogs
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Best Artificial Grass For Dog Potty

We’ve selected practical designs that include the following features:

  • A durable tray
  • Reusable grass pads

Both of these features ensure you will save money by not needing to continually replace these components. Most dog owners would love to save some money! The grass pads are washable and the trays are hard plastic that should last for years.

Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat

The Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat is perfect for keeping your dog happy and healthy. It is made of durable artificial grass that is easy to clean and maintain. The mat also has a non-slip backing to keep it in place. It is also a great way to keep your dog from tracking mud and dirt into your home.

There is only one size available and its dimensions are 25 x 20 inches and 1.25 high.

The Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat is designed as a three-layer system so your dog won’t be standing in his or her urine. All three sections can be washed with soapy water.

  • The reusable grass layer sits on top.
  • The next layer is a durable plastic drainage insert.
  • The bottom layer is the collection tray, also constructed of sturdy plastic.

Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat

Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat


  • Highly rated


  • Only one size available
Petmaker Artificial Grass Potty Mat For Dogs
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Loobani Dog Grass Pad with Tray

Loobani’s low-maintenance fake grass is a three-layer system. It includes proper drainage to keep it completely dry and prevent leaks.

The top layer is an easy-care grass pad. Simply spray it down with a hose, wash it in warm soapy water, and you’re done. Alternatively, if you want to wash the entire thing, simply hose it off or wash it in the bath.

The next layer is a grate with drainage holes that catch solids and allows the liquid to flow down into the sturdy base layer.

The bottom layer is a tray that is completely leakproof. The liquid can be easily emptied and the tray washed, ready for use again.

This pack includes 2 grass pee pads so that one can be in use while the other is drying after being washed. If you need extra pee pads, they are available on Amazon.

The Loobani Dog Grass Pad with Tray is available in 4 sizes.


  • Available in several sizes
  • Two pads included: one in use, one in the wash
Loobani Dog Grass Pad with Tray
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Hompet Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray

The Hompet Dog Grass Pad is designed with a three-layer structure, with a sloping under-tray and ridges that capture and direct urine down into the collecting box through the drainage hole for easy removal. The improved splashback wall will help to guide dog urination and minimize urine spray.

Hompet puppy turf pads are constructed of high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarn. This mat will endure harsh sunshine and dog urine without breaking.

There are 3 layers, plus a bonus doggie baffle!

  • The top layer is the washable non-toxic grass mat.
  • Then comes the sloped drainage grid tray, which guides the urine.
  • The bottom layer is the liquid collection tray, which slides out for easy cleaning. It’s a drawer design, which means you can empty the urine without dismantling the whole unit.
  • Then…there is also a wall that will assist the little boy doggies. If they lift their leg that way, the urine will finish up where it’s meant to go.

Hompet Dog Grass Pad

Hompet Dog Grass Pad Features


  • I love the splashback wall, which is especially great for male dogs.
  • The urine tray can be emptied without disturbing the mat.
  • 3-year warranty


  • Only one size available
Hompet Dog Grass Pad With Tray
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Cleaning The Artificial Grass Pad

Keeping the grass pad clean and maintaining its natural appearance will ensure that you get the best use out of it and that it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Just like when you’re in the dog park, pick up your pet waste immediately. This will prevent bacteria from building up and causing health problems for your dog.
  • Rinse off the area with water regularly. This will help keep the area clean and free of bacteria.
  • Use soapy water or disinfectant to clean the area if necessary. Be sure to rinse it off completely afterward.
  • If needed, you can use a deodorizer to remove any smells, especially in summer.
  • You can remove urine stains with a remover specifically designed for the purpose.

Tips For Successful Use Of Grass Pads

  • Expect some hit-and-miss action while they get used to the new system.
  • Expect the transition to take some time.
  • If the doggie potty you select only supplies one grass pad, it’s worth purchasing another grass pad so that you can have one in the potty and one in the process of being washed and dried.
  • Make sure the artificial grass is installed securely so that your dog cannot remove it and so it won’t slide during their arrival for potty time. Double-sided tape on the bottom should do the job.
  • Is your dog used to seeing a fire hydrant where they pee? There is a new doggie pee pad on the market that encourages your male dog to pee in the middle. You can use them by themselves or with the grass pads to help with the aim of the spray.
Rocky and Maggie's - Pop-Up Pee Pad (Pack of 25)
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No matter which pooch potty grass you choose, having an easy way to provide your dog with a place to pee is essential for keeping them healthy and happy. These grass pads are designed to be absorbent, and easy to clean – perfect for busy pet parents.

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