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The Best Floor To Live In An Apartment | Which One Is The Right Fit For You?

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best apartment floor depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some people prefer the convenience of living on the ground floor, while others enjoy the peace and quiet of living on the upper floors. In this blog post, we will discuss the factors to consider about each level of the apartment, flat or home unit and help you decide which is the best floor for you!

Ground Floor Vs First Floor

When deciding which floor to live in an apartment, it’s important to understand the difference between ground floor and first floor.

“Ground floor” typically means that the apartment is located on the level of the ground or basement, while “first floor” means that the apartment is located on the level above the ground.

For the purposes of clarity, we will refer to the bottom floor in the apartment building as the ground floor.

Ground Floor Living Benefits

Budget Considerations

Living on the ground floor can actually save you money!

  • Ground floor apartments are often more affordable than those on higher floors. This is because apartments on the top floors are in high demand due to the views and natural light they offer.
  • Ground floor apartments often have smaller footprints, which can be advantageous for those who are looking for a more compact living space. Living in a compact space can save money. The rooms are smaller and more efficiently designed, which can lead to significant savings on your electric bill. They also cost less to furnish and maintain.
  • When it comes to heating and cooling costs, ground floor apartments are less expensive to maintain than apartments on higher floors. The cool air naturally flows down to the lower apartment levels in the summer, resulting in less of an air-conditioning cost. Also, due to less exposure to natural light on the ground floor and the fact that heat rises naturally, you’ll probably have less heat buildup inside your home during the hot months of summer.

Convenience And Comfort

If you are looking for convenience, then the ground floor is probably the best option for you.

  • Due to the fact that the view from the upper floors makes those apartments more popular, often it is easier to find a vacant ground floor vacancy.
  • Moving in (and out) is easier when there are no stairs involved.
  • You won’t have to worry about lugging groceries or laundry up all those stairs.
  • Ground floor apartments have easy access, which makes them ideal for those who have difficulty climbing stairs.
  • The lowest floor is also the best choice if you have little children or strollers to contend with.
  • If you’re allowed to have a dog, it’ll be quicker access to go out for a walk or potty.
  • You’ll be closer to your car and storage areas if you need them, plus you’re closer to the mailboxes.
  • People on the upper floors use up time waiting for an elevator. Then they wait while the lift stops at other levels before it arrives at their floor.
  • The ground-level apartments are generally cooler in summer.


  • In the case of fire or another emergency evacuation, the occupants of the ground floor apartments are usually the first ones out.
  • You’re closer to the other buildings in the street, which might be handy for emergency assistance.

Outdoor Space

  • Another potential advantage of a ground-floor apartment is access to a patio or garden.
  • This is especially important to people with kids or pets.
  • If you appreciate the peaceful effect of a small garden area, you might love it too.
  • And…depending on the building rules, you can have a BBQ grill!

which floor is best to live in apartment ground floor

Ground Floor Living Irritations

There are also some drawbacks to living on the ground level, apart from having little or no view.

Heating Costs

While you’ll save money in summer because the ground floor is usually cooler, lower floor apartments are also usually cooler in winter, which will increase your heating bill.


Security measures, such as a doorman or security door will be a big benefit. If there is no official security, consider these possibilities:

  • Your apartment may be more vulnerable to break-ins.
  • The bottom floors are the first that bad or crazy people find if they wander in.

Privacy And Noise

If you are specifically looking for a quiet and private space, then the ground floor is probably not the best option for you.

  • You may need to deal with foot traffic past your windows. Depending on your opinion about this, the blinds or drapes may need to be permanently closed. Or you could use privacy window film to stop prying eyes.
  • Your (possibly nosy) neighbors may be walking past your door whenever they choose to leave the building.
  • You may have to deal with noise coming from the neighbors above you, including those with little kids.
  • If you live near a busy area, you may also hear street noise from the world outside.

Repairs And Maintenance

The lowest floor has some unique considerations regarding the position in the building.

  • Ground-floor apartments can be more susceptible to flooding and other weather-related damage.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or garden, there will be some maintenance involved.
  • Being on the ground floor may mean more annoying pests, such as rodents or roaches.

The Middle Floors – The Compromise

The middle floor of an apartment building can have its own benefits and drawbacks, just like living on any other floor. Not surprisingly, the intensity of the pros and cons falls between living on the ground floor or on the top floor.

Benefits can include a good view from your windows, as you are not too high up or too low to the ground. You’re also in a good position for security, as you’re not too close to the ground-level entrance nor are you too high up where people could potentially break into your home more easily.

However, drawbacks can include less privacy than if you were on a higher floor, as people walking by can see into your windows more easily. You may also hear noise from people walking above you more easily than if you were on a higher floor.

Additionally, if there is a fire or some other emergency, you may have to wait longer for help to arrive as people on lower floors will be evacuated first.

which floor is best to live in apartment moving

Top Floor Living Benefits

Living on the top floor, perhaps even in the penthouse, is pretty exciting and in some cities, the top floor is worth millions. If you’re looking for privacy, maybe the top floor is for you.


  • Hopefully, you’ll love looking out the window or standing on the balcony because it’ll be the best view in the building.
  • You’ll experience the weather close up, with lots of sunshine and dramatic storms, if you like that sort of thing.
  • The air up there will be less affected by pollution, especially from cars.
  • There should be fewer problems with pests, such as roaches at the top of the building.


Being on the top floor, there will be no tenants above you, so the noise level will be much less.

  • The only passing traffic will be tenants from your own floor, so there will be less noise from the hallway.


  • Statistically, it’s less likely that the top floor will be broken into.

Top Floor Living Irritations

Extra Costs

  • The rent on the top floor will usually be more than lower floors.
  • The top floor will be warmer in summer, although the height may provide a breeze through the windows. Overall though, the cost of air-conditioning will be higher than on lower levels in the summer.

Lack Of Convenience

  • You’ll need to wait for the elevator, and then put up with it stopping all the way to the ground.
  • If you use the stairs, it’s a long way up with groceries or little children.
  • Moving in (and out) would be an exhausting experience.


  • If you need to evacuate in a hurry, it’ll take longer to get out than the tenants on the lower floors.

Repairs And Maintenance

  • The roof is right above your head, so if there are any maintenance problems, it may affect you.

which floor is best to live in apartment top floor


Whichever floor you ultimately choose to live on, make sure that you take the time to tour each unit before making your decision. This will give you a better sense of what each apartment has to offer, and it will help you narrow down your options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

So, which floor is right for you? It all depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for convenience, then the first floor is probably the best option for you. However, if you are looking for privacy and peace and quiet, then an upper-floor or even a top-floor apartment may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision is up to you!

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